Fossil bird from the Messel Pit. Markings show the uropygial gland (Photo courtesy Sven Traenkner/ Senckenberg)

An article published in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences” describes the discovery of a fossil bird from 48 million years ago in which the uropygial gland was preserved, a gland that secretes an oil birds use to preen their plumage. The examination showed that it still contained lipids, the oldest ever found in the remains of a vertebrate.

The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson (Italian edition)

The novel “The Mind Parasites” by Colin Wilson was published for the first time in 1967.

When Dr. Gilbert Austin discovers that his friend Karel Weissman has committed suicide, he remains shocked. He can’t believe that a man he knew well could do such a thing but the issue becomes even more shocking when Austin starts reading the papers Weissman left him and discovers that his friend was convinced that humanity is under the attack of a kind of mental cancer.

Those events have a profound effect on Gilbert Austin’s archaeological research as well when he discovers the existence of the remains of a civilization so ancient that it’s buried at a depth never seen. Along with other colleagues, Austin tries to study those ancient ruins but with surprise when he tries to find traces of some memories of their builders he discovers them in the writings of writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in Choose Your Pain (Image courtesy CBS / Netflix)

“Choose Your Pain” is the 5th episode of the TV show “Star Trek: Discovery” and follows “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”.

Note. This article contains several spoilers about “Choose Your Pain”.

Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) is demanded to make progress with the spore propulsion but the tardigrad used as a pilot appears to be in pain after the last jump. As he returns to Discovery, Lorca is kidnapped by Klingons who want to find out how he can appear on the battlefield so suddenly.

Siphusauctum lloydguntheri (Photo courtesy Julien Kimmig | KU News Service)

An article published in the “Journal of Paleontology” describes the identification of an animal that lived in the Middle Cambrian, between 513 and 501 million years ago. Named Siphusauctum lloydguntheri, it was studied thanks to a specimen discovered years ago in Utah. According to the researchers who studied it, it’s the oldest stalked filter feeder discovered in North America.

Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides

The novel “Pack Animals” by Peter Anghelides was published for the first time in 2008.

Halloween is coming while Gwen Cooper and her fiance Rhys Williams are making preparations for their wedding. However, the festive atmosphere gets spoiled by a series of strange attacks by Weevils and in some cases of other creatures that in turn attack them. Captain Jack Harkness’s team isn’t equipped for interventions on that scale and there’s a risk that the Cardiff population gets panicky while Torchwood drew the attention of a journalist.

The members of the Torchwood team have their hands full trying to contain the attacks, prevent the news of the creatures that carried them out spread and figure out if there’s a thread behind it. Among the clues there’s the discovery of playing cards with monster images including Weevils and above all the apparitions of people who seem to be steps ahead of them with an ever-present name: Achenbrite.