IBM Quantum Computing Scientist Jay Gambetta uses a tablet to interact with the IBM Quantum Experience (Photo Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

IBM has announced it will offer the opportunity to use the services of its quantum computer to the public. This will be done through the IBM Quantum Experience, a quantum platform provided by IBM cloud on regular desktop computers but also on mobile devices.

To test the IBM Quantum Experience, the company built a system based on a quantum processor with five qubits. This number doesn’t exactly give the impression of a very powerful system but at least on paper quantum computers can solve problems much faster than traditional systems. Actually it’s still difficult to make comparisons.

OpenAI Gym, the virtual gym for artificial intelligences, is open

The OpenAI project, the nonprofit organization opened at the end of 2015 with the goal of developing artificial intelligence for the good of all humanity, released the public beta of OpenAI Gym, a sort of virtual gym for this type software. Developers can go on GitHub, the hosting service specializing in free software, and download the toolkit to test the artificial intelligence they created.

The Martian by Andy Weir

The novel “The Martian” by Andy Weir was published for the first time in 2011.

When a storm hit the area around the MAV (Mars Ascending Vehicle) with winds exceeding its tolerance limits, the crew of the Ares 3 mission is forced to leave the planet Mars a few days after landing. During the evacuation, astronaut Mark Watney is hit by an antenna and the sensors of his space suit are put out of action. His colleagues believe him dead and it would be too dangerous to go physically check his body so they take off leaving him on the red planet.

In fact, Mark Watney only fainted but is still alive. When he wakes up, he discovers he was left alone on Mars without even a chance to warn his colleagues or NASA mission control center because the communication system was destroyed by the storm. How can he survive until the next Mars mission, scheduled in four years?

Map of the great dinosaur migration from Europe (Image courtesy Alex Dunhill, University of Leeds)

An article published in the journal “Journal of Biogeography” describes a research that led to recreate the possible outline of the migrations of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era and concluded that there was particularly a very important one from today’s Europe in the Cretaceous, between 146 and 100 million years ago. These results were obtained by applying for the first time network theory to paleontology.

Doctor Who - The Ambassadors of Death

“The Ambassadors of Death” is an adventure of the seventh season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1970 featuring the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw. It follows “The Silurians” and it’s a seven parts adventure written by David Whitaker and directed by Michael Ferguson.