Yesterday came the confirmation of the agreement for which Verizon will acquire Yahoo! web activities for $4.83 billion to be paid in cash. The deal doesn’t include some Yahoo! activities such as the partecipation in the Chinese eCommerce Alibabawhich will form a new company. The acquired business will be integrated with those of AOL, acquired by Verizon just over a year ago.

Harvest of Time by Alastair Reynolds

The novel “Harvest of Time” by Alastair Reynolds was published for the first time in 2013.

UNIT has been called to investigate an accident on an oil rig by its director Edwina “Eddie” McCrimmon. However, when the Third Doctor arrives along with Jo Grant and Captain Mike Yates, McCrimmon receives them coldly explaining that there was an accident, unfortunate and painful, but a normal accident. The Doctor is not convinced but has no reason to stay on the rig.

It seems just a false alarm but strange things start happening. In particular, the UNIT people start having trouble remembering the existence of the Master, despite the fact that he’s their very special prisoner. What has all that to do with the events on the oil rig? Has that anything to do with the Red Queen? And what are the plans of the Sild?

Reconstruction of Gualicho shinyae with the bones found in white (Image SebastiƔn Apesteguƭa at al.)

An article published in the journal PLOS ONE describes the discovery of a theropod dinosaur that was called Gualicho shinyae. It’s been classified in the group of carnosaurs and what makes it particularly interesting is that its arms are small like those of the more famous Tyrannosaurus rex, classified in another group of theropods. This suggests that this feature evolved a number of times independently.

Way of Water, Virtually Yours and The Story of Water by Nina Munteanu

The short story “The Way of Water” by Nina Munteanu was published for the first time in 2016.

Hilda goes to the public water tap but when at last it’s her turn, after an hour of waiting, her Water Card gets rejected. Hilda just has some sad memories of the past and above her mother’s stories when she explained how water was managed before climate change and before it became a Canada Corp’s property.

“The Way of Water” is set in a near future in which Canada has to deal with both climate and geo-political changes. The nation got involved in the USA decay when it was basically bought by China. The story is focused on the problem of water, which has become private property of a company called Canada Corp so citizens must pay its use and can’t pick it up, even rainwater.

“The Way of Water” is a story of the kind you hope is science fiction but you fear is not. Those who think that Nina Munteanu’s future vision is exaggerated can read her essay “The Story of Water”, which contains a number of ideas that inspired the short story.

Masayoshi Son in 2008

The Japanese telecommunications holding SoftBank Group Corp. has reached an agreement to buy the British microprocessors company ARM Holdings Plc for 24.3 billion pounds, equivalent to about $32 billion or 29 billion Euros that will be paid in cash. The offer was announced yesterday and after some hours came the confirmation that it was accepted.