New health issues for Serena Williams

Serena Williams at the Australian Open 2010
Serena Williams at the Australian Open 2010

Serena Williams (photo ©Emmett Anderson) hasn’t played since the last summer. On July 7 the player was in a restaurant in Munich where she badly injured a foot walking on a piece of glass. Medical tests revealed an injury to a tendon of her big toe that convinced her to undergo surgery.

Serena Williams planned to play again at the beginning of 2011 but further tendon problems forced her to undergo a second surgical procedure that significantly lengthened her rehabilitation. As a result she was forced to withdraw from the Australian Open with the impossibility of defending the title she won in 2010.

In this beginning of the year Serena Williams hasn’t been very clear about her recovery schedule except to say that she intended to return to competitions this spring. Serena also stated that she’d play the Federation Cup in April if the U.S.A. had beaten Belgium in the first round but it lost. On the other hand the Williams sisters haven’t played the Federation Cup since 2007 and they might do it again only because they must play for their country at least twice in four years in order to represent it in the next Olympic Games.

Last week a new serious health problem hit Serena Williams: the player has in fact suffered a pulmonary embolism and its treatment caused a hemotoma that had to be urgently cured.

Now Serena Williams herself says she’s fine but in the coming months she’ll have to take proper care of herself to avoid further problems. The good news is that she should still be able to return to play tennis but obviously at this time more than ever it’s difficult to say when she’ll do it. Serena herself expressed her hope to resume her activities at the beginning of the next summer.

Despite being forced to skip the 2010 U.S. Open, Serena Williams lost the first position in the WTA world ranking in October only so it’s clear that her absence from the courts has a big weight despite Kim Clijsters’ successful return.

In a time when Caroline Wozniacki, a player who hasn’t won a Grand Slam tournament, is the No. 1 in the world ranking it’s clear that Serena Williams’ return would be important. Besides the fact that Clijsters is fighting for the same position, in recent years there have been several discussions about the value of certain players who’ve been number one so let’s hope that Serena Williams can return to her best.

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