Mega, the successor of Megaupload, announced

In January the file hosting and streaming services Megaupload and MegaVideo were shut down and several members of the team that ran them, including their founder Kim Schmitz, known as Kim Dotcom, in a resounding international operation. A few days ago, Wired magazine published an interview to Kim Dotcom in which he announced the new Mega project, the heir of Megaupload. He and his associates were also accused of conspiracy so what happened?

The story looks like an international intrigue. Kim Dotcom and his associates were arrested in New Zealand, accused of lost revenue for over $500 million due to the distribution of pirated material but also of conspiracy and money laundering.

During the year, however, the legal battle that followed the arrest has scored several victories for Kim Dotcom. In June, the New Zealand High Court declared the seizing of property suffered by Dotcom invalid and highlighted various irregularities committed by the authorities of various countries in carrying out the operation against MegaUpload and MegaVideo. In September, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key revealed that Kim Dotcom’s activities had been illegally spied on and apologized for the incident.

Already in July, Kim Dotcom had announced his intention to open a new music streaming service called Megabox, a project he already had in mind. Now, Dotcom raises the stakes with his Mega project, a sort of evolution of Megaupload structured to try to avoid legal problems.

The Mega project is based on redundant servers located in various countries where the files uploaded by users will be protected by encryption. In this way, if in a country there’s a new attempt to stop this service, copies of the files will remain available on servers in other countries. Encryption will allow users to manage their files in secrecy because even the administrators won’t have the keys. At that point, the presence of pirated material will be the sole responsibility of the users who will upload them on the server.

The legal battle between the show business corporations, especially American, and Kim Dotcom will continue. Dotcom has also stated that he wants to make a deal with them but it will certainly not be easy. The dinosaurs who seek to impose more and more drastic measures against copyright violations will hardly give up the evidence of the changes that continue to take place making certain attitudes more and more obsolete.

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