Tachyon Beam, the faster-than-light blog, is open

Tachyon Beam blog home page
Tachyon Beam blog home page

A blog is somehow alive and over time can change in many ways, even unexpected. That’s why, after more than four years of existence and almost 1,500 published articles, this blog is now facing a major change. Recently, articles about astronomy and space missions have increased so much that to convince me to open a second blog called Tachyon Beam hoping it will spread faster than light devoted exclusively to those themes.

Originally, I thought I would devote more space on my blog to technologies such as computer science and astronomy wasn’t contemplated. It seemed to me that there were other sites that dealt very well with scientific themes in general and space missions. I started writing about those themes almost by chance, to fill it up sometimes when I had no other topics to write about, and because they received several they’ve become regular themes in a short time.

In retrospect, I could’ve tried writing about these themes earlier because I’m interested in them. The first months of life of this blog were quite experimental and at that time I was writing especially about certain themes. In 2011, I learned how to write decent reviews of novels and TV shows, particularly of “Doctor Who”. I also enjoyed it very much but over time I wanted to add other themes and gradually the blog became what’s been during in the last couple of years.

The opening of a new space blog doesn’t mean an impoverishment for NetMassimo blog, if anything it’s a return to its origins. With the growth of the articles devoted to astronomy and space missions some other themes were sacrificed, starting from computer science. Now I hope to write more articles about these other topics.

I never wanted to write articles over articles and only in the last two years on this blog I published at least one article a day. With the opening of the new space blog there will be days when I will publish something just there and vice versa, at least until the next evolution of this and/or the new blog. I hope that at least some of my readers will follow both blogs. 🙂

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