The New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX

Tom Brady in 2011
Tom Brady in 2011

The New England Patriots reached the Super Bowl qualifying for the playoffs with a 12-4 record in the regular season then defeated the Baltimore Ravens 35-31 in the Divisional round and the Indianapolic Colts 45-7 in the Championship. They won three Super Bowl, the last one exactly 10 years ago.

The Seattle Seahawks reached the Super Bowl qualifying for the playoffs with a 12-4 record in the regular season then defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-17 in the Divisional round and the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in Overtime in the Championship. They’re the defending champions.

The New England Patriots receive the kick-off but are quickly forced to punt. The Seahawks, however, can’t do any better with their offense and after three down they too have to punt. The Patriots gain yards and arrive in the red zone but a pass in the end zone is intercepted by Jeremy Lane. But the player gets injured in the course of the action and must leave the field. The first quarter ends 0-0.

At the beginning of the second quarter the Seattle Seahawks are unable to take advantage of the interception and are forced to punt. The Patriots gain yards again until they score a touchdown with a reception by Brandon LaFell and the convertion gives New England a 7-0 lead. Seattle’s offense still can’t work and the punter is to enter again after only 3 downs. This time the Patriots’ offense can’t gain enough yards and New England is forced to punt too. Finally, the Seahawks’ offense starts working and with a 44 yard reception by Chris Matthews they reach the red zone. Marshawn Lynch scores the touchdown with a 3 yard run and the conversion ties the score at 7-7. In the last two minutes, the Patriots put together a good offense and score a touchdown with a pass to Rob Gronkowski that after the conversion gives New England a new lead at 14-7. The Seahawks have only 31 seconds before halftime but gain yards quickly and score a touchdown with a pass to Chris Matthews that with the convertion ends the second quarter at 14-14.

The third quarter starts well for the Seattle Seahawks thanks to a 45-yard reception by Chris Matthews. In the red zone they can’t convert a third down and score a field goal that gives them their first lead at 17-14. The New England Patriots are trying to answer but a pass by Tom Brady is intercepted by Bobby Wagner. The Seahawks take advantage of it and in a few plays score a touchdown with a short pass to Doug Baldwin that after conversion increase their lead at 24-14. The Patriots’ offense doesn’t seem to work anymore and their new drive ends quickly with a punt. The Patriots’ defense keeps them in the game stopping the Seahawks’ offense, forced to punt too. The third quarter ends with the Seahawks leading 24-14.

The fourth quarter began with another punt by the New England Patriots. The Seattle Seahawks’ offense seems to have stopped because they’re also forced to another quick punt. The Patriots’ offense awakens, resume gaining yards and score a touchdown with a pass to Danny Amendola that brings them closer in the score at 24-21. The Seahawks’s offense no longer works and they’re forced once again to a punt quickly. The Patriots instead are playing well again and score another touchdown with a pass to Julian Edelman that gives them a new lead at 28-24. The Seahawks try their last offense and arrive in the red zone but thanks to a reception by Jermaine Kearse, who catches the football after it bounces on his legs. An interception by Malcolm Butler gives the New England Patriots victory in this Super Bowl XLIX with a 28-14 score.

The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl a year ago with a great defense and making no serious mistakes with their offense. Instead, tonight came a bad mistake at the end, an interception on a bad pass attempt by Russell Wilson. But it would be trivial to reduce the Seahawks’ performance to that mistake, which arrived at the end of the fourth quarter, in which their offense never scored while their opponents scored two touchdowns. They’ll try again but in these playoffs their offense had too many ups and down and not always a great defense is enough to win.

The New England Patriots win a Super Bowl again after the two bitter losses to the New York Giants in recent years and after the last few days spent talking more about the “deflategate”. They were tough defeats, also because Tom Brady (photo ©Jeffrey Beall) isn’t very young, but now the Patriots’ quarterback, named Super Bowl XLIX MVP, made even more history winning four Super Bowls. He also set a record with 13 touchdown passes in the Super Bowl played and another with 37 completed passes in a single Super Bowl. It’s difficult to say how many chances he can still have to win but tonight Brady once again proved he’s a champion.

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