FriendFeed announces its closure

My FriendFeed home page
My FriendFeed home page

With a bare statement, the FriendFeed team announced that the social network will be shut down. From this week it doesn’t accept new registrations but users can keep on using FriendFeed for another month. On April 9, the social network will be shut down so its services will be no longer available. The cause is the decline of users, due to the fact that the development of the services had ceased after the acquisition by Facebook.

FriendFeed was launched in October 2007, founded by a number of former Google employees. The purpose of this social network was to be an aggregator that collects updates from other social media. It offered the opportunity to create a flow of information that put together a user’s social activities.

At the same time, it was possible to create new contents and of course interact with other users in a number of ways typical of social networks. In addition to your personal stream, FriendFeed offered groups and the contents could in turn be shared on other social networks.

In August 2009, FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook for $47.5 million of which $15 million in cash and $32.5 in Facebook shares. This move marked the beginning of the end for this social aggregator because from that moment its development was interrupted.

Nevertheless, FriendFeed users didn’t drop suddenly. In the press release announcing the shut down, the aggregator team speaks of a steady decline. This suggests that slowly there were people who found other solutions to their social needs while there were fewer and fewer new subscribers.

Personally, I confess that for a long time I’ve been using FriendFeed out of habit but the interaction with other users had become almost nonexistent. In short, the announcement of its closure is for me far from surprising. In fact, thinking about it rationally, it’s already a lot that it’s lasted so long after the acquisition by Facebook.

FriendFeed has still a group of loyal users who now have to look for an alternative. Someone asked Facebook to release the software as open source to be able to create a sort of heir to it. It might be an interesting idea, because someone might resume its development. Meanwhile, unfortunately for its fans, FriendFeed will shut down.

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