NetMassimo Blog changes face

The old and the new face of NetMassimo Blog side by side
The old and the new face of NetMassimo Blog side by side

About four and a half years after its birth, for the first time I changed the theme of my NetMassimo Blog. This was necessary in order to adapt it to the new requirements related to a proper display on mobile devices. The spread of such type of visits also prompted Google to consider the correct view of a site on mobile devices as a parameter in its search ranking.

I really liked the old theme of my NetMassimo Blog because it was aesthetically nice and at the same time wasn’t unnecessarily complex. Unfortunately it’s a theme created when browsing via mobile devices was less important and was never updated.

In recent years, the spread of tablets and smartphones has increased enormously and so their use to surf the Internet. The consequence is that web sites started becoming responsive to adapt to the those devices screens minimizing the need for users to resize them and scroll through the pages.

I confess that I tend to keep the same look for myself, for my home and inevitably for my blog. However, there are times when a change is needed and for my NetMassimo Blog this moment has arrived. I really waited until the last moment because Google announced that today will start using the new version of its algorithm that takes into account if a page is responsive in the search made from a mobile device.

Actually, I started looking for a new theme already a few months ago taking advantage of the fact that I was designing my new blog Tachyon Beam. In the end, however, I  found none that would satisfy me fully and I ended up adopting the same as the new blog.

Now visitors to both of my blogs will see a very similar look going from one of them to the other with a few minor differences, starting from the top image, to distinguish them. I hope that this solution is satisfactory for my visitors. There will still be some little changes, a tune up of the new graphical look. I don’t know how long this theme will last: maybe I’ll find one more suitable or maybe it will last for years. The blog is alive and vital so anything could happen.

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