From August, Google+ Photos will disappear and only Google Photos will remain

My old photos already available in the new Google Photos
My old photos already available in the new Google Photos

As of August 1, Google+ Photos will be gradually eliminated. The social network users can instead use Google Photos, the new independent photo management application. This change is part of the reorganization of the Google+ platform already announced in March 2015 and in this case is aimed at promoting Photos as a standalone service.

Google Photos was launched in May 2015 as the part of the Google ecosystem for the management of your photographs and, despite its name, of your videos as well. It’s a free service that offers unlimited space. From there, users can manage their photos by organizing them and share them as they see fit.

As is normal for this type of services, Google Photos is cloud-based and is available via the web or as an application. As a result, you can use it with your browser, especially if you are using a normal computer, or through an application if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

At the beginning of August, Google+ Photos will cease to work on Android and soon after that also on iOS and on the web. If within Google+ I go to the Photos area using the social network’s menu I already get sent to the new Google Photos with a notice of the replacement. The new service is also available among the Google Apps. I use it over the web from my PC, concerning Android and iOS I read that users are advised to download the new applications to switch to the standalone Photos.

According to Google’s plans, the standalone version of Photos will be added new functions. It’s one of the reasons that prompted Google to split this service from its social network. Sure, there are also specific marketing reasons because Google+ is always at the center of disputes between those who love it and those who don’t use it so for the company it’s easier to promote separate services.

At this point, if you’re using Google+ you can keep on sharing your photos and videos, simply certain operations will be managed through the new Google Photos. If you don’t want to use the social network now you can use Google Photos on its own. In short, the perfect solution for everyone.

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