NetMassimo (almost) drops sports and adds paleontology

The categories on NetMassimo blog before paleontology was added
The categories on NetMassimo blog before paleontology was added

After more than five years, NetMassimo blog starts 2016 with some important changes. This time it’s not a face change but an evolution in its contents. I decided to abandon the field of sports, at least as a regular topic to write about. On the other hand, I decided to create a new category about paleontology.

Sports were one of the first topics I wrote about before opening NetMassimo blog. During the period when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to have my own blog I wrote several articles for other sites, some about technologies and others about sports. I enjoyed doing it so eventually I decided to open my own blog and sports were among the categories created from the beginning.

In five years things have changed and in the course of 2015 I noticed a drop in visits to my articles about sports. Probably there are now several websites that specialize in sports and many blogs as well that cover the events I wrote about better than I do. For people seeking news about those events it’s normal to be easier to find those sites, certainly better placed than mine on Google regarding sports.

At this point, I prefer to give up sports and focus my efforts on other topics that seem to be more appreciated by NetMassimo blog’s readers. I don’t intend to completely close this door and I might still occasionally write an article about sports but I won’t comment the events I’ve covered over the last few years anymore.

Lately, among the most appreciated articles on NetMassimo blog there were some about scientific topics so I decided to create a category about paleontology. After I created the Tachyon Beam blog to host my articles about astronomy / astrophysics and space missions, I increased the ones included in the biology category.

In fact I already wrote several articles about paleontology but at this point I prefer to create a specific category because biology had become a mix-up. Some articles were about studies of fossils that concerned more geology than biology so a split makes sense. The new category will appear as soon as the first article in it gets published.

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