September 11, 2017

Quest of the Three Worlds by Cordwainer Smith (Italian edition)

The novel “Quest of the Three Worlds” by Cordwainer Smith was published for the first time in 1966. It’s the made up of four stories published in previous years.

Cashel O’Neill is looking for ways to overthrow the dictatorship on his planet, but the road to freedom is so long that it takes him to other planets. In fact, Instrumentality of Mankind didn’t act against the usurper Colonel Wedder but granted Casher O’Neill an all-world travel pass.

To achieve his goal, Caswell O’Neill needs resources and looks for them on various planets, but his travels lead him to situations that are different from what he imagined. In particular, his meetings with various underpeople and even with some unmodified animals make him find far more than he was looking for.