February 6, 2018

Entoverse by James P. Hogan

The novel “Entoverse” by James P. Hogan was published for the first time in 1991. It’s the fourth book of the Giants series and follows “Giants’ Star”.

The shutdown of JEVEX, the supercomputer that ran many activities of the human civilization on the planet Jevlen, seems to have left at least a part of the population in a practically hysterical state. The Thuriens ask the Earthlings for advice to try to understand how to best handle the situation. Victor Hunt once again collaborates with Ganymeans and Thuriens to understand why the Jevlenese society is on the verge of chaos.

A cult is becoming increasingly powerful in its universe but its leaders’ purpose is to gain a foothold on the planet Jevlen. Its followers’ souls must be transferred into Jevlenese bodies in order to act there and slowly take control of their society but to act in a universe that obeys precise physical laws and not magical rules isn’t easy.