November 29, 2018

Mission on Minerva by James P. Hogan

The novel “Mission to Minerva” by James P. Hogan was published for the first time in 2005. It’s the fifth and last book of the Giants series and follows “Entoverse”.

Victor Hunt has seen it all during the years in which he worked with the Ganymeans, then with the Thuriens and ending up in what was revealed as a Jevlenese plot. However, when he gets contacted by himself, even he is surprised because it’s an alternative version of Hunt who wants to give him a warning.

Once again, Victor Hunt collaborates with the Thuriens to try to solve the mystery of the parallel universes. The experiments start causing strange effects that must be understood, also because the further possibility of traveling in time could allow to shed light on another mystery that concerns the remote past of the planet Minerva.