July 7, 2019

Jon Pertwee in 1996

John Devon Roland Pertwee – this is his birth name – was born on July 7, 1919 in London, England. His first acting experiences were in radio programs but World War II broke out and Pertwee served in the British Navy and in 1941 he was assigned to the Naval Intelligence Division (NID).

In 1969 Jon Pertwee was cast to play the Third Doctor in the TV show “Doctor Who”. It was a period of great changes in the show’s production as it which moved from black & white to color TV concentrating it on a lower number of episodes per series. That era reached a new peak in popularity but in 1974 the actor announced that he’d leave the show.

Jon Pertwee died on May 20, 1996 following a heart attack, leaving his wife Ingeborg Rhoesa, their son Sean and their daughter Dariel, who followed in his footsteps. Jon Pertwee is known all over the world above all for playing the Third Doctor but he was an eclectic actor and throughout his career he’s been famous in his country for many quirky characters played using funny voices.