June 20, 2022

Tower of Glass aka The Tower of Glass by Robert Silverberg

The novel “Tower of Glass”, also known as “The Tower of Glass”, by Robert Silverberg was published for the first in 1970 serialized in the magazine “Galaxy Science Fiction” and later as a book.

Simeon Krug made his fortune by creating androids, beings considered non-human even if they’re grown based on human DNA. The consequence is that they’re considered to be properties such as machines and sold to do jobs of any kind. At the beginning of the 23rd century, this made him one of the richest men in the world.

When a signal from the depths of space is received that is recognized as being of artificial origin, Simeon Krug wants to decipher it and respond at all costs. Because of the distance, he must build a device capable of emitting a tachyon beam, which is faster than light. The enormous energies needed require the construction of a 1,500-meter-high tower.