Massimo Luciani

Artist's concept of Gorynychus masyutinae hunting a Suminia getmanovi (Image courtesy Matt Celeskey)

Two articles published in the journal “PeerJ” describe the discovery of two species of saber-toothed predators that were named Gorynychus masyutinae and Nochnitsa geminidens, both belonging to the group of therapsids. Christian Kammerer of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, USA, and Vladimir Masyutin of the Vyatka Paleontological Museum in Kirov, Russia, examined the fossils, which improve our knowledge of the evolution of early mammals.

Mockymen by Ian Watson (Italian Edition)

The novel “Mockymen” by Ian Watson was published for the first time in 2003.

Christine “Chrissy” Clark and her boyfriend Steve Bryant run a company that produces jugsaw puzzles who receive an unusual job offer when an elderly Norwegian man asks them to go to a park in Oslo and get photographed naked while they’re hugging statues. The proposal is strange but the man pays them well so they decide to accept.

The work seems finished but Chrissy and Steve have trouble in going back to their normal daily life. In particular, Chrissy starts having nightmares related to the photo shoot so she decides to investigate and discovers that the man who hired them was connected with Nazi occult practices. When she returns to Oslo she talks to a man she had met at the park and the situation has unexpected consequences.

A view of Summit (Photo ORNL)

IBM and the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) announced the supercomputer Summit stating that it’s the fastest in the world. Peak performances are declared at 200 petaflops, which are eight times those of the previous ORNL supercomputer, called Titan, activated in October 2012 and for a few months the most powerful in its category. It’s a system designed for scientific applications with an eye to artificial intelligence.

The short story “Your Own Way Back” by Richard Larson was published for the first time in 2013.

Elliot’s grandfather’s mind is in a neural network inside his house, but it’s degrading. One of the possible solutions, albeit only for the time needed for his clone to grow, is to transfer it into Elliot’s brain. In this way, grandfather and grandson find themselves having a unique relationship.

Chris Wanstrath in 2010

The announcement arrived of the agreement that sees Microsoft buy the hosting service for software projects GitHub for $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock. The rumors of the deal begun last week but two years ago Microsoft had already attempted the acquisition.

GitHub is a hosting service for software projects that use the Git distributed version control software, one of the inventions of Linus Torvalds, famous above all for being the father of the Linux operating system. The company behind the service was founded in 2008 with its office in San Francisco, initially as Logical Awesome and since 2010 as GitHub, Inc. rapidly achieving great success.