Massimo Luciani

Gillian Anderson in 2011

Gillian Leigh Anderson was born on August 9, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Gillian Anderson’s first experiences as a professional actress were in stage plays. In 1992 she moved to Los Angeles, initially looking for a career in cinema. Not finding work, she decided to accept roles for television productions and, after a small role, she auditioned for “The X-Files” and was cast for the role that changed her life, that of FBI agent Dana Scully. FOX wanted an actress with more experience and sex appeal but showrunner Chris Carter wanted Gillian Anderson and she got the role.

Gillian Anderson is now an actress appreciated on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and in the coming months the movie “UFO” and the Tv show “Sex Education” are scheduled to be released, two projects in which she participated. In short, even if “The X-Files” had really come to an end, her fans can still see her in other productions.

The novella “Hottentots” by Paul Di Filippo was published for the first time in 1995 as part of “The Steampunk Trilogy” anthology.

The naturalist Louis Agassiz is forced to work with Jacob Cezar and Dottie, the daughter of the “Hottentot Venus” to find a fetiche created using her mother’s intimate parts. There are people who believe that the fetiche allows to summon ancient deities to unleash an apocalypse on Earth.

Mouse brain cells

An article published in the journal “Nature Communications” describes a new technology developed to obtain highly detailed images at very small scales of what happens inside living cells. A team of researchers combined the use of heavy water as a tracer with the technique known as stimulated Raman scattering to be able to obtain images of metabolic activities. The idea is to use it for medical purposes, completing other exams, and biological research.

Radiate by C.A. Higgins (Italian edition)

The novel “Radiate” by C.A. Higgins was published for the first time in 2017. It’s the third book of the Lightless trilogy and follows “Supernova”.

Ananke has only Althea Bastet, the woman she considers her mother, to keep her company but she wants to find Matthew, the man whose actions turned Ananke into an artificial sentient being. Althea tried to control her and Ananke’s reaction was to connect the woman’s biological brain to the spaceship’s systems.

Leontis “Ivan” Ivanov and Matthew “Mattie” Gale travel in the solar system in search of Constance but have to deal with a revolution that quickly fragmented after overthrowing the System. Various leaders have their sights on a single planet or a single moon and are ready to eliminate those who remain faithful to the original revolutionary ideals of the Mallt-y-Nos.

The island of Flores today and in the past

An article published in the journal “Science” describes a genetic analysis of members of the pygmy population living on the Indonesian island of Flores. A team of researchers tried to understand the origins of their short stature and the possible relationship with Homo floresiensis, the hominins nicknamed Hobbits who lived on the island in the past, concluding that there are no traces of genetic links between the two populations, in which short stature is independent, a typical case of adaptation to life on an island.