Massimo Luciani

After the first round the U.S. Open have already lost the winners of the other Grand Slam tournaments of this year after Kim Clijsters, who was also the winner of the last two editions of the U.S. Open, had to give up defending her title due to physical problems. In fact Wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova and Roland Garros winner Na Li lost at the first round.

The Third Claw of God by Adam-Troy Castro

The novel “The Third Claw of God” by Adam-Troy Castro has been published for the first time in 2009. It’s the sequel to “Emissaries from the Dead”. Andrea Cort goes on planet Xara being invited by arm dealer Hans Bettelhine and pressure by the artificial intelligences she works with. She finds herself at the center of murder attempts and new mysteries in this science fiction detective story.

A HP TouchPad with webOS on a Touchstone

The TouchPad was designed as a high quality product to be a worthy competitor in particular of the iPad but also of Android tablets. However, the TouchPad uses WebOS 3.0 as its operating system. The launch price was in line with its competitors but it was a failure so HP decided to start a fire sale and the tablets got sold out.

Australia defeated New Zealand 25-20 conquering the TriNations title. It’s the last TriNations because from next year the FourNations will be played, which will include Argentina.

Saturn's Children by Charles Stross

The novel “Saturn’s Children” by Charles Stross was published for the first time in 2008. After the extinction of humanity, robots built their own society similar to the human one and spread throughout the solar system. Freya Nakamichi-47 was programmed as a concubine but there’s no one who requires her services anymore so she has to do the best she can to survive because even robots need maintenance.