Massimo Luciani

50 years ago the famous animated series “The Flintstones” was broadcasted for the first time. The show is set in a version of the stone age where human beings live with animals from different ages such as dinosaurs and mammoths.

Kimiko Date Krumm

Kimiko Date Krumm story is pretty peculiar because she’s left-handed but she plays as right-handed but particularly because she retired from competitions in 1996 and she came back in 2008, after 12 years.

12 years ago Google was born from an idea developed since 1996 by Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page at Stanford University. It was the time of great development for the web with the birth of various search engines: in the results the ranking was generally given by counting how many times the words appeared in the pages but Brin and Page developed their search project using a mathematical algorythm that analyzed the relationship between the web pages creating the famous Google PageRank.

Yesterday Facebook suffered from its worst problem in its history and for some hours it was difficult if not impossible to use it because of errors such as “Service Unavailable – DNS failure”. For a part of its many millions users it was panic: someone couldn’t tell the world what they would eat for their next meal and maybe they suffered from indigestion because of the stress, someone couldn’t upload their pictures they had just shot and couldn’t sleep because of it.

Today news arrives about Byron Moren being busted at New York JFK airport for possession of six kilograms of heroin hidden in his underwear and arrested. Considering that we’re talking about the airport that maybe has the tightest checks in the world you wonder how he thought he could get away with it.