Renato Dulbecco in 1966

Italian biologist, doctor and geneticist Renato Dulbecco died of a heart attack. With Howard Termin and David Baltimore in 1975 he shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning the interaction between tumour viruses and the genetic material of the cell.

Trilobite fossile from the Burgess Shale

The Royal Ontario Museum and Parks Canada, the national agency that has the mandate to protect Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, opened a new site which is an online museum of the Burgess Shale, a unique field of fossils from the Middle Cambrian, about five hundred million years ago.

Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould was born on September 10, 1941 in Bayside, New York. He wrote many scientific essays, papers and articles. As a researcher he’s most famous for his theory of punctuated equilibrium.

Richard Dawkins in 2010

Clinton Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 26, 1941. He’s one of the most famous writers of popular science in the world thanks to his essays about evolutionism. He’s also famous because he’s an atheist and critic of religions and irrational beliefs in general.

The bacterium GFAJ-1 grown in arsenic

The news already leaked out and last night NASA confirmed it: a group of researchers who were conducting tests in Mono Lake, a California lake with a harsh environment, found a microorganism capable of thriving in an environment full of arsenic.