The Woodrow Wilson Dime by Jack Finney

The novel “The Woodrow Wilson Dime” by Jack Finney was published for the first time in 1968. An updated version containing some changes to a few elements of the novel considered obsolete was published in 1987.

Strength of Stones by Greg Bear (Italian edition)

The novel “Strength of Stones” by Greg Bear was published for the first time in 1981. After a series of religious wars, in the XXII century the part of mankind most observant of the Abrahamic religions leaves the Earth and emigrate to the planet God-Does-Battle, where they built huge automated cities that watch over the citizens’s righteousness. However, the religious rules programmed into the cities are strict and they end up evicting humans considering them impure.

Bob Shaw Omnibus including The Two-Timers, Ship of Strangers and A Wreath of Stars (Italian edition)

The novel “The Two-Timers” by Bob Shaw was published for the first time in 1968. Jack Breton spent years with the guilt of having left his wife alone and for that reason she was attacked and killed. Over time, he had strange visions and studying the subject he discovers a way to not only see but also intervene in the past. Jack manages to save his wife but he creates a new timeline and must face his alter-ego to win her back.