Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

The novel “Spin” by Robert Charles Wilson was published for the first time in 2005. It’s the first book of the Spin trilogy. It won the Hugo Award as the best novel of the year, the Israeli Geffen Award, the German Kurd-LaƟwitz-Preis, the French Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire and the Japanese Seiun Award.

Tyler Dupree is a young boy who’s spending the evening with his friends Jason and Diane Lawton when they realize that in the sky the stars have disappeared. After the initial amazement, he seeks news on television and discovers that something has happened all over the world and telecommunications are having big problems.

Soon the news arrives that the whole Earth got enveloped by an artificial membrane of unknown origin. After some time, attempts to probe it show that it slows down time so for every year that passes on Earth about 100 million years pass outside it. The membrane also filters electromagnetic radiation by hiding the stars and simulating day-night cycles.

The Nano Flower by Peter F. Hamilton

The novel “The Nano Flower” by Peter F. Hamilton was published for the first time in 1995. It’s the third of the Greg Mandel trilogy and follows “A Quantum Murder”.

Charlotte is a high-class prostitute and while she’s between jobs she gives Julia Evans’ personal assistant a message from her husband Royan, who’s been vanished for months. The message includes a strange flower which, after an analysis, turns out to be fundamentally different from any Earth’s organism. Almost simultaneously, Julia discovers that other companies are developing revolutionary technologies.

Charlotte’s new job is at the service of trader Jason Whitehurst, who hired her to keep company to his young son Fabian. It looks like a job like any other but quickly the situation starts becoming less normal with unforeseen ramifications.

Entangled Earth by David Lea

The novel “Entangled Earth” by David Lea was published for the first time in 2018.

Mia Green is in Paris for a physics conference and together with her friend Celeste took the opportunity to visit the Eiffel tower when something catastrophic and incomprehensible happens. It almost seems that huge and invisible bullets hit the tower and among the consequences there’s the death of many visitors including poor Celeste. Together with Bruce, another survivor, she manages to leave the tower to look for Abraham Lane, a professor who’s also in Paris for the conference, facing a strange situation in which the catastrophe seems to have struck the city and you can run into invisible obstacles.

When Mia finally manages to find Abraham, he shows her the recording of an experiment held in Cambridge he was watching at the PC where an attempt to create a connection with a parallel universe went very badly with the consequence that another whole Earth started interacting with their one bringing destruction. The authors of the experiment failed to stop it and someone has to do it as soon as possible because the interactions of the other Earth will become more destructive.

The novella “Hottentots” by Paul Di Filippo was published for the first time in 1995 as part of “The Steampunk Trilogy” anthology.

The naturalist Louis Agassiz is forced to work with Jacob Cezar and Dottie, the daughter of the “Hottentot Venus” to find a fetiche created using her mother’s intimate parts. There are people who believe that the fetiche allows to summon ancient deities to unleash an apocalypse on Earth.

Radiate by C.A. Higgins (Italian edition)

The novel “Radiate” by C.A. Higgins was published for the first time in 2017. It’s the third book of the Lightless trilogy and follows “Supernova”.

Ananke has only Althea Bastet, the woman she considers her mother, to keep her company but she wants to find Matthew, the man whose actions turned Ananke into an artificial sentient being. Althea tried to control her and Ananke’s reaction was to connect the woman’s biological brain to the spaceship’s systems.

Leontis “Ivan” Ivanov and Matthew “Mattie” Gale travel in the solar system in search of Constance but have to deal with a revolution that quickly fragmented after overthrowing the System. Various leaders have their sights on a single planet or a single moon and are ready to eliminate those who remain faithful to the original revolutionary ideals of the Mallt-y-Nos.