Foreigner by Robert J. Sawyer

The novel “Foreigner” by Robert J. Sawyer was published for the first time in 1994. It’s the third book of the Quintaglio Ascension trilogy and follows “Fossil Hunter”.

Afsan has an accident and is seriously injured but survives and the damaged tissues start regenerating. Unexpectedly, even his eyes start growing back but when they are complete he still can’t see anything. His problem may be mental, so he starts seeing Mokleb, who is developing the new science of psychoanalysis.

Novato continues her study of the Jijaki ark with her assistants but accidentally they activate a system that’s still working which begins the formation of a tower that extends upwards into space. Toroca continues his explorations and in a remote archipelago discovers the existence of another species of sentient saurians but the other Quintaglios react with territorial fury just seeing them.

Into the Silence by Sarah Pinborough

The novel “Into the Silence” by Sarah Pinborough was published for the first time in 2009.

A singer from a choir rehearsing in a church is brutally killed. The attack left his corpse without his vocal cords, which were removed with considerable surgical skills. The other members of the choir are in shock. DI Tom Cutler passes the investigation to Torchwood and it’s not the first time he has worked with them.

That murder is only the first and the murderer seems to be tied to a certain modus operandi in his actions. Cardiff hosts the Welsh Amateur Operatic Contest and this means that there are a lot of singers in the city, all potential victims for the murderer. To find him before he kills who knows how many people, a normal investigation is not enough.

The novel “To Die in Italbar” by Roger Zelazny was published for the first ime in 1973.

Heidel von Hymack is a man who, thanks to a contact with a deity, received the power to treat people simply by touching them with his hands. Known simply as “H”, he uses his power on several planets but as a result of an accident the other face of that power starts manifesting itself, the one that causes death by touch instead of healing.

Malacar Miles has been a military man for many years and thinks he can exploit the powers of Heidel von Hymack to destroy his enemies. Finding him, however, isn’t simple and in his research he must overcome various obstacles because higher forces are also at work and have other plans for “H”.

Binary Storm by Christopher Hinz

The novel “Binary Storm” by Christopher Hinz was published for the first time in 2016. It’s part of the Paratwa series.

Nick Smith is officially a common programmer at E-Tech but he survived decades of cryogenic stasis and after his awakening at the end of the 21st century he found an Earth barely habitable for humanity. A war is taking place between normal humans and binaries, a lineage of killers genetically engineers raised so that two bodies can share a common consciousness.

An attempted murder gives Nick Smith the chance to become close to Annabel Bakana, an E-Tech executive. Together, the two of them look for new ways to fight the binaries, particularly those belonging to the so-called Royal Caste, the most lethal and ruthless. Assembling a team capable of fighting binaries requires extreme measures.

Judgement of the Judoon by Colin Brake

The novel “Judgement of the Judoon” by Colin Brake was published for the first time in 2009.

A Judoon squadron approaches the space freighter Tintin searching for the Invisible Assassin. The fugitive is not on board and the Judoon leave the spaceship half destroyed after having searched it so thoroughly that it’s been seriously damaged. The Tenth Doctor picks up Tintin’s request for help and when he finds out what happened he decides it’s time for someone to say something to the Judoon and follow them.

Arriving on the planet New Memphis, the Doctor materializes the Tardis in the Elvis the King spaceport, where a terminal is having a series of problems. When the Judoon arrive at the spaceport, other crimes are discovered and the coincidence leads the Doctor to suspect that everything’s connected. He manages to convince the Judoon Commander to start a discreet investigation together but the two of them will also have to face local gangsters. Meanwhile, young detective Nikki is engaged in an investigation that appears to be separate.