Doctor Who - The E-Space Trilogy - Full Circle

“Full Circle” is an adventure of the eighteenth season, the first of the mini-arc known by the global title “The E-Space Trilogy”, which aired in 1980. It’s a four parts adventure written by Andrew Smith and directed by Peter Grimwade.

Google confirmed that it bought over a thousand patents from IBM but details were not revealed. Some sources report that the patents bought are 1,029, according to other sources they’re 1,030, either way the amount paid by Google wasn’t disclosed. The important fact is that the acquired patents cover technologies related to hardware and in particular the production of microprocessors and memories but also Internet-related technologies.

“The Armageddon Factor” is the sixth adventure of the sixteenth season, known by the global title “The Key to Time”, which aired in 1979. It follows “The Power of Kroll” and it’s a six parts adventure written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin and directed by Michael Hayes.

The novel “Destiny Times Three” by Fritz Leiber was published for the first time in 1945 in the magazine “Astounding”. In 1996 it was a finalist for the Retro Hugo Award for 1946. In the future, two scientists are conducting a research on a possible global crisis. More and more people have nightmares but above all there are more and more cases of people who are considered impostors by relatives or friends and cases of amnesia.