The last meeting between NBA owners and players to try to reach a new collective bargaining agreement produced no results. Unfortunately this outcome was predictable and as a consequence the NBA owners have announced the start of the lock out.

Specific Media will pay $35 million, partly in cash and partly in shares, to buy MySpace. It seems that News Corporation will retain a 5% ownership of the social network. In 2006 it was the most popular social network in the USA.

Doctor Who - The Armageddon Factor

Sarah Ward – this is her real name – was born on June 28, 1951 in London, England, daughter of the seventh Viscount Bangor. The name Lalla by which she’s known comes from her attempts to say her name when she was just a toddler. She’s famous in particular for playing the Time Lady Romana in Doctor Who

Michaelmas by Algis Budrys (Italian edition)

The novel “Michaelmas” by Algis Budrys was published for the first time in 1977. A shorter version with several differences from the novel was published in the magazine “Science Fiction & Fantasy” in July and August of 1976.