On Saturday, April 16 the NBA playoffs 2011 are starting. The regular season ended with the Chicago Bulls at the top of the Eastern Conference and the San Antonio Spurs at the topo of the Western Conference.

Peter Davison in Castrovalva, his debut adventure in Doctor Who

Peter R. Moffett – this is his real name – was born on April 13, 1951 in Streatham, a district of London, England. He’s famous particularly for playing the Fifth Doctor in the famous TV show “Doctor Who”.

Space Shuttle Columbia launching for the first time (photo NASA)

On April 12, 1981, Columbia took off for the first space mission of a Space Shuttle. Columbia was the second Space Shuttle built after the prototype Enterprise, which however never flew. Because of some of its design features Columbia was never used for missions that included docking at the space station Mir or the International Space Station, unlike the other Space Shuttles.

The ostok 1 capsule at the RKK Energiya museum in Korolev

In the morning of April 12, 1961 the Vostok 1 took off, went into orbit and after travelling around the world Yuri Gagarin began re-entry procedures. The service module had to come off but some of the cables kept it attached to the rest of the ship for a bit longer than expected before breaking. During the landing Gagarin ejected and opened his parachute while the Vostok service module landed with its own parachute.

Sidney Lumet in 2007

The great director Sidney Lumet died today because of a lymphoma. Sidney Lumet’s films are often characterized by a moral sense. He often raised issues about social injustice and was critical of the obsessive pursuit of success of a typical American way of seeing. The protagonists of his films are often ordinary and isolated people who are opposed to much larger opponents.