Na Li at the 2010 Stuttgart Porsche Cup

Chinese player Na Li won tennis Roland Garros French Open tournament 2011 defeating last year’s champion Francesca Schiavone in the women final. She’s the first Chinese player to win a Grand Slam tournament.

Podkayne of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein (Italian edition)

The novel “Podkayne of Mars” by Robert A. Heinlein was published for the first time between November 1962 and March 1963 in the magazine “Worlds of If” (also known simply as “If”) and as a book in 1963.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour taking off for its last mission (photo NASA)

This morning the Space Shuttle Endeavour landed safely at the end of its last mission. It was the last of 25 missions which included several activities related to the International Space Station, scientific experiments and also a service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Humanoids by Jack Williamson (Italian edition)

The novel “The Humanoids” by Jack Williamson has been published for the first time in 1948-1949 in the magazine “Astounding”. This novel is set thousands of years into the future, when many planets have been colonized by humans. On one of the many inhabited worlds a scientist discovers the secrets of rhodomagnetics and, frightened by the terrible energies that can be released, he tries to use it for peaceful purposes. After years of work he builds the perfect androids whose primary directive is “to serve and obey and guard men from harm”, the Humanoids.