Galaxy Blues by Allen Steele

In the novel “Galaxy Blues” by Allen Steele published for the first time in 2007 Jules Truffaut is a former Union Astronautica officer who was kicked out for having helped his brother to cheat the academy final exams. Left with no prospect he decides to travel to the planet Coyote as a stowaway on a spaceship, but he’s discovered during the journey and ends in prison.

Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers in 2008

The Green Bay Packers reaching the Super Bowl is a little surprise: they started from the Wild Card as the sixth seed, winning three away games. The hadn’t reached the Super Bowl since the ‘9’s, when the leader of the team was Brett Favre, a name now disowned by many fans after he went to play with the hated Minnesota Vikings. Their win was a surprise but it was deserved.

Debian logo

After about two years the Debian project has released version 6.0, code-named Squeeze,ot its famous distribution. In addition to the classic Debian GNU/Linux there’s the official release of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, the Debian distribution based on the FreeBSD kernel though not all the advanced features for the desktop are supported.