Axis by Robert Charles Wilson

The novel “Axis” by Robert Charles Wilson was published for the first time in 2007. It’s the second book of the Spin trilogy and follows “Spin”

The humans are colonizing the New World and many of them don’t mind the presence of the Fourths but the “Department of Genomic Security” is still trying to track them, particularly a group that used a Martian technology to engineer a very special child.

Meanwhile Lise Adams is investigating the circumstances of her father disappearance ten years earlier: among the clues in her possession there’s a picture of him with some Fourths she’s trying to find on the New World looking for their help.


In “Rollback” Dr. Sarah Halifax is the scientist who in 2010 manages to decipher an alien message arrived from the Sigma Draconis system and gives her contribution to create an answer that is sent to the aliens, who unfortunately live almost nineteen light years from Earth.