Short fiction

Whole Truth Witness and Life of the Author plus 70 by Kenneth Schneyer

The short story “Whole Truth Witness” by Kenneth Schneyer was published for the first time in 2010.

Manuel “Manny” Suarez is a lawyer who’s having big problems to defend his clients. The new nanotechnology led to the development a way to allow witnesses in a court of law to recall events in a perfect way and at the same time prevents them from lying. However, a good lawyer is always able to adapt to new situations and invent new tricks.

Kenneth Schneyer had very diverse work experiences. He was also the lawyer so he knows the environment described in “Whole Truth Witness” from personal experience. In this short story, the author imagines that the developments of nanotechnology will also influence that field.

The story “The Quantum Mommy” (“Armelina II”) by Michalis Manolios was published for the first time in 2005. It was translated from the greek by Manolis Vamvounis.

The mother ship Europa II has reached Europa, Jupiter’s satellite, and deployed the Hope spacecraft to its surface. Armelina is ready to be teleported inside Europa II for a three-month mission. After greeting her daughter Agape, she enters the teleport cabin but something strange happens: Armelina arrives at her destination and at the same time is still on Earth after being replicated.

Aethra and The Quantum Mommy by Michalis Manolios

The story “Aethra” (“Aethra”) by Michalis Manolios was published for the first time in 2001. It won the Aeon Award. It was translated from the Greek by Thalia Bisticas.

An art critic is murdered in a villa that belongs to Aethra, a famous artist who uses biotechnology to create clones of herself with physical variants and very elementary minds. Commissioner Costas goes to the villa to ask Aethra some questions but focusing is a big problem because of the artist’s extraordinary beauty, very exposed by her and her clones, but also from the sense of perversion that some of the creations give him.

In “Aethra”, Michalis Manolios takes us to a future in which biotechnology is advanced enough to allow its use to create what are considered art forms. Aethra is an artist who uses herself as a base to create clones that are highly appreciated but her creations raise questions about the ethical limits.

Proposition 23 by Efe Tobunko

The novella “Proposition 23” by Efe Tobunko was published for the first time in 2012.

In the 22nd century, Lagos is the largest city in the world. Citizens can google using interconnections embedded everywhere but criminals are deprived of citizenship rights and disconnected. Lugard saw an interview with a politician on Proposition 23 and, intrigued by a slipped reference, tries googling to find out more. However, his searches are filtered and soon after that Lugard is deprived of his citizenship.

An Eligible Boy by Ian McDonald

The novelette “An Eligible Boy” by Ian McDonald was published for the first time in 2008.

Jasbir is looking for a wife but in India in 2045 that’s not easy. The imbalance in the gender ratio caused by the fact that many parents wanted no daughters caused heavy consequences. Jasbir met a girl using a dating agency but to conquer her his friend and roommate Sujay advised him to get help from an artificial intelligence.