Short fiction

The novelette “Spring Festival” by Xia Jia was published for the first time in 2014 and translated to English by Ken Liu.

In China in the near future old traditions mingle with new technologies. The first birthday of a child has a new importance. The Spring Festival is celebrated in a somewhat different way. Girls find a husband in new ways. A reunion between old schoolmates has particular developments. Grandma Zhou celebrates her 99th birthday differently.

ebook containing Tongtong’s Summer, Spring Festival and A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight by Xia Jia

The short story “Tongtong’s Summer” by Xia Jia was published for the first time in 2014. It was translated to English by Ken Liu.

For Tongtong it’s a big change when her grandfather comes to live with her family. It’s not easy for anyone because her grandfather was very active and kept on working as a doctor even though he was more than eighty years old until he injured his leg. For that reason, initially he’s always in a bad mood but when Tongtong’s father brings home a robot caretaker and her grandfather starts using it in an unusual different.

Mono no Aware by Ken Liu (Italian edition)

The short story “Mono no Aware” by Ken Liu has been published for the first time in 2012. It won the Hugo Award for best short story of the year.

Hiroto Shimizu is part of the crew of the Hopeful, a starship that set off for a journey of more than three centuries to a star called 61 Virginis to escape a disaster caused by the impact of an asteroid on Earth. When a damage to the giant solar sail used as a propulsion system is discovered, Hiroto is the most qualified for the difficult repair work.

The novelette “Lot’s Daughter” by Ward Moore was published for the first time in 1954. It’s the sequel to “Lot”.

A few years after the atomic war, Mr. Jimmon survives with his daughter Erika and the son they had in the meantime. The three of them follow a routine dictated by the demands of their lives isolated from other possible survivors. Mr. Jimmon isn’t very happy, but one day something changes.

Book containing Caduceus Wild, Lot and Lot's Daughter by Ward Moore (Italian edition)

The novelette “Lot” by Ward Moore was published for the first time in 1953.

When nuclear was breaks out, the Jimmon family is ready. Mr. Jimmon prepared anything that could be useful to their survival so they can quickly leave after loading everything on their car. He had discussed about it with his family just to be ready, but since the beginning of the trip tension seem to come not from external dangers but by their bickering with each other, which test the unity of the family.