Anne McCaffrey in 2005

News came of the death of American science fiction and fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey on Monday following a massive stroke at her home in Ireland. She was particularly famous for the Dragonriders of Pern series but she wrote many other stories.

Steven Moffat at Comic Con 2008

Steven Moffat was born on November 18, 1961 in Paisley, Scotland. He’s a writer and executive producer of “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”. In the past he wrote and produced various sitcoms and “Jekyll”.

Anne Rice in 2006

Frances Howard Allen O’Brien, this is her real name, was born on October 4, 1941 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She decided to be called Anne on her first day of school. She had great success with the Chronicles of the Vampires, a series of novels that sold millions of copies around the world.

John Finney was born on October 2, 1911 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His birth name was John Finney but after the death of his father, when he was three years old, his name was changed to Walter Braden Finney in his honor. Despite this he kept on being known as Jack. His best known novels are “The Body Snatchers”, which was adapted into a number of movies, and “Time and Again”. Jack Finney died on November 14, 1995 in Greenbrae, California, from pneumonia and emphysema.

Greg Egan was born on August 20, 1961, in Perth, Australia. His novels are: “Quarantine”, “Permutation City”, “Distress”, “Diaspora”, “Teranesia”, “Schild’s Ladder”, “Incandescence”, “Zendegi” and “Orthogonal: Book One: the Clockwork Rocket”. Among his great works there’s also the novella “Oceanic”.