Doctor Who – The Twin Dilemma

Doctor Who - The Twin Dilemma
Doctor Who – The Twin Dilemma

“The Twin Dilemma” marks the Sixth Doctor’s debut in the last adventures of the 21st season of “Doctor Who” classic series that aired in 1984. Together with him there’s his companion Peri. It follows “The Caves of Androzani” and it’s a four parts story written by Anthony Stevens and directed by Peter Moffatt.

The story

Right after the regeneration, the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is behaving erratically, so much that he even tries to strangle Peri (Nicola Bryant). To try and find his mental balance again he decides to go to the asteroid Titan 3 to meditate but instead of finding it uninhabited he discovers some starships relics.

After rescuing the only survivor of what looks like a battle the Doctor investigates and finds a group of aliens who’re using the asteroid as a temporary base after they kidnapped two twins with extraordinary mathematical skills. What do they want of the twins? Why does and old friend of the Doctor seem to be involved with the kidnapping?


The amount of the xtras is the average you can find in Doctor Who DVDs produced during the last years. As always there are the BBC continuity announcements for this adventure, a PDF file with the Radio Times Listing, a photo gallery with pictures from this adventure and the coming soon trailer.

“The Twin Dilemma” has commentary by the two protagonists Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, also by Kevin McNally, who plays Hugo Lang in this adventure.

The Star Man is an interview to Sid Sutton, designer of the “starfield” Doctor Who title theme. Nothing special: the interview is brief and doesn’t dig into the reasons for the choices that led to design the titles that way. On the other hand the big change had been made some years earlier, in this adventure the title theme was modified just to adapt it to Colin Baker’s face which replaced Peter Davison’s.

Look 100 years younger has Colin Baker and comedian Amy Lamé comment on the various Doctors’ dressing style. Honestly it looks like a filler.

Stripped for Action – The Sixth Doctor talks about the Doctor Who comics that had the Sixth Doctor as their protagonist. If your interest in the saga goes beyond the TV show this is definitely the most interesting extra.

Breakfast Time has an interview that dates at that time to Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in the TV show Breakfast Time.

Blue Peter has an interview that dates at that time to Colin Baker in the TV show Blue Peter.

In studio interviews people never say anything really exceptional but it’s always interesting to have an idea of what the Doctor Who protagonists thought at the time.

“The Twin Dilemma” is considered one of the worst adventures of classic Doctor Who. In a recent poll on Gallifrey Base forum about three quarters of the partecipants rated it less than 6/10. Honestly I’m part of the minority who overall like this adventure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from a masterpiece: it has flaws and some actors performances are not very good nonetheless I don’t think it sucks.

“The Twin Dilemma” is the adventure following “The Caves of Androzani”, the Fifth Doctor’s final adventure, considered by many fans a masterpiece. Some people think that “The Twin Dilemma” just sicks by contrast. Personally I consider “The Caves of Androzani” overrated so I don’t have that attitude.

In my opinion the fact that the Doctor is mentally unstable is insteresting and makes this adventure a bit different from the others. Colin Baker is good in his debut in showing his character’s quick mood changes.

I don’t recommend this DVD to people who love “The Caves of Androzani” unless they want to have all Doctor Who DVDs. The other fans of the show might consider buying this DVD as a low priority as they might not like this story anyway and the quality of the extras isn’t particularly good.

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