On Tuesday March 22 the Euroleague 2010/2011 quarterfinals will start. This round will be played in a playoff series to the best of five games in which each team that was ranked first in their group will face one of the Top 16 teams that finished second in another group.

The Space Shuttle Discovery lands at the end of its last mission (photo NASA)

After the return to Earth that took place yesterday the Space Shuttle Discovery has been retired. At the end of this mission the Space Shuttle Discovery has flown nearly 150 million miles during 39 flights for a total of 5,247 orbits in 322 days divided over 27 years of distinguished service and in this case it’s not just rhetoric. With these numbers the Discovery is the spaceship that was used the most.

In Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA, the Fountaindale Public Library is being officially inaugurated, a new high-tech library costing nearly $40 millions. This new library is equipped with TV screens because it has in its catalog DVDs as well, over one hundred terminals connected to the Internet and automated systems for managing the loans, all divided over three floors.