March 2013

Medusa's Children by Bob Shaw

The novel “Medusa’s Children” by Bob Shaw was published for the first time in 1977.

Myrah and her clan survive hard in their water world, always in search of air bubbles to breathe and always in danger of being devoured by the monstrous Horra. Something in that world is changing and to try to understand the causes the only option is a daring expedition into the depths of the water, where it’s said that there’s the realms of the god Ka.

DDoS attack scheme

An attack initially targeted to hit Spamhaus, an organization that maintains a list of spammers to filter to block the many junk e-mail that everyone receive with great annoyance, escalated in recent days and turned into a real online battle that slowed Internet in various parts of the world.

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft during about to splash down (Photo SpaceX)

Yesterday, the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft ended its CRS-2 (Cargo Resupply Service 2) mission for NASA splashing down with no problems in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California a few hours after leaving the International Space Station. Shortly afterwards, the Dragon was recovered by the SpaceX ship that will transport it back to shore.