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A California district court has approved a settlement between the PC manufacturer Lenovo and a group of customers to wrap up a class action that began after an adware that caused a serious vulnerability had been discovered on various Lenovo laptop models. The laptop maker will pay a total of $7.3 million while Superfish, the producer of the adware, will pay another million dollars to close the litigation for good.

Multilayer graphene has interesting electronic properties

Two articles, one published in the journal “Carbon” and one in the journal “Nano Letters”, describe research on the electronic properties of graphene. Two teams of researchers coordinated by the University of Link√∂ping (LiU), Sweden, focused on the possibilities of multilayer graphene for a range of applications connected to electronics, for the possibility of using it as a superconductor and in the production of sustainable fuels.

Jim Whitehurst in 2010

IBM and Red Hat announced that they have reached an agreement with which IBM will acquire all Red Hat’s shares, whose value closed last Friday at $116.68, for $190 per share paid in cash for a total value of about $34 billions. Red Hat will become part of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud division while its CEO Jim Whitehurst will join IBM’s senior management reporting to CEO Ginni Rometty. This acquisition is oriented above all to make IBM a giant in the field of cloud services.

Vic Gundotra

Google has announced it’s closing its social network Google+ to consumers to remain open to enterprise users. The transformation will take place in 10 months, giving users time to make a copy of their messages. The news was provided along with the revelation of a security problem that left the data of many users visible to anyone who could exploit it.

A settlement was reached between Elon Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the authority that monitors the US stock market, which put an end to the fraud investigation that began after the businessman declared on Twitter that he wanted Tesla to go private and already secured the funding to do it. Musk will resign as Tesla Chairman and will not be able to hold that position for at least 3 years. Also, he and Tesla will pay a $20 million penalty each.