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10 years of NetMassimo blog

10 years ago the NetMassimo blog made its debut. Many things have changed, and probably many more will change in the future. After the first period of experiments, the blog started having a more defined structure in terms of themes covered, but it was never static, so it could still transform in the future in ways that I can’t even predict now.

The categories on NetMassimo blog before paleontology was added

After more than five years, NetMassimo blog starts 2016 with some important changes. This time it’s not a face change but an evolution in its contents. I decided to abandon the field of sports, at least as a regular topic to write about. On the other hand, I decided to create a new category about paleontology.

The old and the new face of NetMassimo Blog side by side

About four and a half years after its birth, for the first time I changed the theme of my NetMassimo Blog. This was necessary in order to adapt it to the new requirements related to a proper display on mobile devices. The spread of such type of visits also prompted Google to consider the correct view of a site on mobile devices as a parameter in its search ranking.

Tachyon Beam blog home page

A blog is somehow alive and over time can change in many ways, even unexpected. That’s why, after more than four years of existence and almost 1,500 published articles, this blog is now facing a major change. Recently, articles about astronomy and space missions have increased so much that to convince me to open a second blog called Tachyon Beam hoping it will spread faster than light devoted exclusively to those themes.

A "white screen of death" turns your blog pages to white. The image doesn't show the problem in a literal way.

A few days ago I updated a plugin I use for my WordPress blog but the operation had an unwelcome consequence: a totally white screen. The refresh didn’t change the result and after a few tries I saw that all the pages gave that result, both in the control panel and in the blog. After a moment of panic I did a Google search because I didn’t know the problem and I solved it in a few minutes thanks to the solution found on an official WordPress support page. However, after thinking about the problem, I wondered how many bloggers would be able to solve it so quickly.