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George R. R. Martin in 2017

George Raymond Martin, this is his birth name, was born on September 20, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. Years later he added the name Richard after chosing it as his confirmation name.

Ever since he was a child, George R. R. Martin showed his desire to write stories and in those years he read a lot of science fiction, fantasy and horror from previous years, becoming fan of Marvel comics. Through the readers letters published in the comics, he came into contact with the fandom and various fanzines, where he published a number of stories.

After years spent working mainly on television, also with various projects that were not successful, George R. R. Martin got tired, also for the limits imposed by budget and the rigid length of television episodes. In the early 1990s he started writing a fantasy saga that was originally a trilogy but was later expanded to better develop the story: in 1996 he published “A Game of Thrones”, the first novel of the saga that enormously increased the author’s fame.

Central Station by Lavie Tidhar

The novel “Central Station” by Lavie Tidhar was published for the first time in 2016 fixing-up a number of short stories published in previous years. It won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction, and the Israeli Geffen Award for Best Science Fiction novel.

Central Station is a space base that, in Tel Aviv, connects the Earth to the rest of the universe, where humanity spread over the centuries. The population of the area has increased so much that it’s become a sort of city within the city and is a crossroad of people coming and going inluding humans, cyborgs, robot priests, artificial intelligences and more connected to the aliens known only as the Others in a digital consciousness called the Conversation.

Boris Chong returns to Earth from Mars and discovers that a lot has changed and not for the better due to a chaotic growth. His ex-lover adopted a child with out of normal skills and some developments for his Earth relatives aren’t all positive. As if there weren’t enough problems, a data-vampire arrived from Mars too.

The Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack

The novel “The Baba Yaga” by Eric Brown and Una McCormack was published for the first time in 2015. It’s the third book of the Weird Space series and follows “Satan’s Reach”.

The Expansion’s government is taking very seriously the information gathered about the threat posed by the aliens known as the Weird but there are disagreements about the measures to be taken. For the intelligence services it’s difficult to get precise information about creatures that literally come from another universe but the prospect is to destroy the planets where the aliens have opened portals killing all the local population.

Delia Walker is an intelligence analyst who proposes to follow a trace that would lead her to search for a planet in the area of ​​space called Satan’s Reach where humans and Weird are said to live peacefully. Her position is definitely a minority but she believes it’s crucial to investigate so she decides to do it without the government’s support.

The short story “A Day to Remember” (“Un giorno da ricordare”) by Clelia Farris was published for the first time in 2017 by Strange Horizons in the translation by Rachel Cordasco.

Olì is a memory artist: she doesn’t just eliminate ugly memories cutting them out to leave the good ones but she modifies them to improve them. After the Great Frost there are many people who feel the need to forget something or at least to have pleasant memories and as payment they give Olì food or other items useful to her or to barter.

Eater by Gregory Benford (Italian edition)

The novel “Eater” by Gregory Benford was published for the first time in 2000.

Some astronomers are trying to understand the nature of a strange cosmic phenomenon. Two gamma-ray bursts a few hours apart seem to suggest different origins but it turns out to have been generated by a tiny black hole that’s entering the solar system devouring everything it meets.

The attention of Benjamin Knowlton, one of the astronomers, is divided between this enigma and his wife Channing, gravely ill with cancer. Despite this, he and his colleague Kingsley Dart must try to predict the trajectory of that black hole devourer and studying it they discover that it’s even stranger than they thought.