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The novella “Rogue Protocol” by Martha Wells was published for the first time in 2018. It’s the third work of “The Murderbot Diaries” series and follows “Artificial Condition”.

Murderbot sees an interview with Dr. Mensah connected to GrayCris’ possible illegal activities and thinks it might find evidence in the terraforming installation around the planet Milu. Its journey is quite tiring because it always has to hide its identity and that’s also true once it arrives at its destination.

A team of humans led by Don Abene is on the installation to assess its status as part of the takeover process by another company. Murderbot decides to secretly follow them but must communicate with Miki, a robot who assists Don Abene’s team. The situation soon becomes complicated.

Eversion by Alastair Reynolds

The novel “Eversion” by Alastair Reynolds was published for the first time in 2022.

Silas Coade is the ship’s doctor on the schooner Demetra, which is traveling north of the Norwegian city of Bergen on a quest whose details are known only to those who set it up. Despite modern means such as a steam engine, the journey is dangerous, and that’s confirmed by the discovery of the wreck of another ship.

The Demeter reaches a building that has strange geometries, perhaps the center of the mysteries and secrets surrounding the expedition. Some things are starting to not add up to Silas Coade, is that a consequence of his drug use or is there something else that goes beyond his perceptions? Why does Ada Cossile, the only woman on the ship, seem to know more than anyone else?

The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton aka Crompton Divided by Robert Sheckley

The novel “The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton”, also known as “Crompton Divided” by Robert Sheckley was published for the first time in 1978.

Alistair Crompton works for the famous Psychosmell, Inc. industry but the remarkable professional success he has achieved thanks to his exceptional sense of smell isn’t enough to make him happy. That’s because a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder when he was a child led doctors to implant two of his personalities into artificial bodies, leaving him incomplete.

When Alistair Crompton reaches the point of no longer being able to continue with that incompleteness, he decides to ask for the Reintegration of the two personalities, as is allowed by the law. They are now two separate, adult people who live on distant planets and to reach them Alistair decides to steal some very precious essences to afford the tickets. However, a journey full of unknowns awaits him.

The Machine Crusade by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

The novel “The Machine Crusade” by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson was published for the first time in 2003. It’s the second book in the Legends of Dune trilogy and follows “The Butlerian Jihad”.

The Butlerian Jihad appears to be at a stalemate where only small victories are achieved against Omnius and its thinking machines. The fire that brought billions of humans to fight is fading away, and Iblis Ginjo searches for something special that can revive it.

Vorian Atreides continues to develop his unconventional strategies that can surprise thinking machines but at the same time, a visit to the planet Caladan makes him want to put down roots there. On Arrakis, Selim’s legend grows as his band of outlaws use the great sandworms against spice traders. On the planet Poritrin, Norma Cenva designs a revolutionary new propulsion system.

Doctor Who - Shada (Blu-ray edition)

“Shada” is an adventure originally conceived as the last of the seventeenth season of the classic “Doctor Who” series but never broadcast. It’s a six-part adventure written by Douglas Adams and directed by Pennant Roberts in the original parts and by Charles Norton in the ones filmed in 2017.

The story

Skagra is mentally connected to a group of people. He wakes up, breaks contact, and then abandons them on the space station, from which he departs. His goal is to find Salyavin, a Time Lord condemned to be locked up in the Shada Prison, whose location is top secret.

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana II (Lalla Ward) go to Cambridge to see Chronotis, a Time Lord who took up residence at the university as a professor. Chronotis intends to return a book brought from Gallifrey that holds arcane powers connected to the ancient times of his civilization. He realizes that the book was borrowed by Chris Parsons, a student who realizes its oddities by examining it together with his friend Clare Keightle.