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Ultima by Stephen Baxter

The novel “Ultima” by Stephen Baxter was published for the first time in 2014. It’s the second book in the Proxima series and follows “Proxima”.

A group of people reached a different timeline and only the artificial intelligence known as Earthshine has some idea about what’s going on. The human beings who made that strange journey are only interested in trying to make a living in the new conditions despite the difficulties.

For Earthshine the matter is quite different because its plans are much more ambitious and long-term. The new situation is just another step in the search for the mysterious creators of hatches and kernels. His actions, however, can bring unexpected consequences, at least for his old traveling companions.

The Prison in Antares by Mike Resnick (Italian Edition)

The novel “The Prison in Antares” by Mike Resnick was published for the first time in 2015. It’s the second novel in the Dead Enders series and follows “The Fortress in Orion”.

Some Democracy scientists found a defense against the Q bomb, the devastating weapon of the Transkei Coalition that killed an huge number of people for years. The Coalition’s reaction was the killing of almost all the scientists who invented that defense and the kidnapping of Edgar Nmumba, the only one who wasn’t killed.

Nathan Pretorius is tasked to free Edgar Nmumba or kill him if this proves impossible. Iris “Irish” Fitzhugh, a psychologist who will assess Nmumba’s mind state and check if he was compromised, is assigned to him and his team, nicknamed the Dead Enders. But first they have to find the scientist, locked up in a very peculiar prison.

Luna: Moon Rising by Ian McDonald

The novel “Luna: Moon Rising” by Ian McDonald was published for the first time in 2019. It’s the third novel in the Luna series and follows “Luna: Wolf Moon”.

The clash among the Five Dragons, the most powerful families of the Moon, is heading towards a final showdown that will decide who will have power over lunar resources. The struggle for power, however, extended beyond the Moon because even on Earth there are factions that have agendas based on great changes in the management of those resources.

In a place where everything can be the subject of agreements and contracts, complex networks of interpersonal relationships determine alliances and rivalries but even within the various families there are complex relationships. Covert manipulations are as common as open clashes to carry out plans that will affect big changes in the Moon’s future.

Star of the Sea by Una McCormack

The novel “Star of the Sea” by Una McCormack was published for the first time in 2016. It’s the fourth book of the Weird Space series and follows “The Baba Yaga”.

A few months have passed since Delia Walker went through a portal that connects our universe with that of the mysterious aliens known only as the Weird when a girl arrives claiming to be her daughter. For the people who knew the woman it’s difficult to accept a situation that seems impossible but on the planet Stella Maris it would be only one of the many oddities.

Stella Maris was already an anomaly, a world outside the Expansion where there was peace between humans and aliens, either Weird or Vetch. In the Expansion there are those who don’t accept that situation but what’s really happening? Even within the Expansion’s Intelligence agents believe different truths and being on the wrong side can be dangerous.

Doctor Who - The Sun Makers

“The Sun Makers” is an adventure of the fifteenth season of “Doctor Who” classic series, which aired in 1977. It follows “Image of the Fendahl” and it’s a four parts adventure written by Robert Holmes and directed by Pennant Roberts.

Cordo can longer pay taxes that are getting higher all the time and decides to end his life. The arrival of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Leela (Louise Jameson) interrupts his suicide attempt and the man explains to the two travelers the reasons for his desperation.