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Boston Dynamics – owned by Google – introduces its new robot Atlas Unplugged

Boston Dynamics, the robot manufacturer acquired by Google at the end of 2013, introduced a new version of its Atlas model. It will participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), a robot competition which will take place on June 5-6 2015. The new version of Atlas is wireless and for this reason has been called Atlas Unplugged to meet the new demands of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for the final phase of its competition.
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Google invests in SpaceX

SpaceX has officially confirmed that it has received an investment for a total of one billion dollars from Google and Fidelity Investments, a multinational financial services corporation. The rumors of Google’s involvement in the aerospace company begun a few days ago, after its founder Elon Musk announced a project to build and launch a constellation of satellites that will provide Internet services around the world and even in space.
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The Supreme Court of the U.S. turned to the Obama administration about the Oracle vs. Google case on the Java language

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) asked the Obama administration an opinion about the case of Oracle vs. Google in the case which for years has seen the two giants in a lawsuit about the use of the Java language in Android. The dispute began in 2010 after Oracle bought Sun, the company that developed Java, and claimed that Google violates copyright and patents related to Java. This isn’t one of the many clashes between companies regarding software patents but a special case where the final decision may have a significant influence on the future of software development.
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Fix a WordPress blog after a “white screen of death” using Google and ftp

A few days ago I updated a plugin I use for my WordPress blog but the operation had an unwelcome consequence: a totally white screen. The refresh didn’t change the result and after a few tries I saw that all the pages gave that result, both in the control panel and in the blog. After a moment of panic I did a Google search because I didn’t know the problem and I solved it in a few minutes thanks to the solution found on an official WordPress support page. However, after thinking about the problem, I wondered how many bloggers would be able to solve it so quickly.
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RPX Corporation acquires 4,000 patents from the Rockstar consortium

RPX Corporation has announced that its subsidiary RPX Clearinghouse LLC has agreed to buy about 4,000 patents held by the Rockstar consortium for $900 million. This is the majority of the patents acquired following Nortel bankruptcy, the market operation behind the creation of the consortium, which includes Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony. The transfer of so many patents to RPX Corporation could score at least a truce in the tough war fought in recent years using software and hardware patents as weapons.
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