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Microsoft and the social network LinkedIn announced they reached an agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn at a price of $196 per share in cash for a total of $26.2 billion. The agreement provides that LinkedIn will retain its autonomy as a brand and as a company and Jeff Weiner will remain its CEO. The acquisition should be completed by the end of 2016.

Bradley Horowitz, the Google executive who’s been in charge of Google+ and some newly separate services such as Photos for some months, announced a split between Google+ and YouTube. For a long time it was necessary to create a profile on the social network to gain access to other Google services and this went against many users’ wishes. Eventually, the company decided to change things by eliminating this need with the result that YouTube will be a well-separated service but this news will require a bit of time.

Lynda Weinman (Photo Douglas Kirkland)

LinkedIn, the biggest professional social network in the world, announced it reached an agreement to buy, an online learning company for $1.5 billion that will be paid about 52% in cash and about 48% in stock. For LinkedIn it’s by far the largest acquisition made in its 12-year history.

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With a bare statement, the FriendFeed team announced that the social network will be shut down. From this week it doesn’t accept new registrations but users can keep on using FriendFeed for another month. On April 9, the social network will be shut down so its services will be no longer available. The cause is the decline of users, due to the fact that the development of the services had ceased after the acquisition by Facebook.