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Masayoshi Son in 2008

The Japanese telecommunications holding SoftBank Group Corp. has reached an agreement to buy the British microprocessors company ARM Holdings Plc for 24.3 billion pounds, equivalent to about $32 billion or 29 billion Euros that will be paid in cash. The offer was announced yesterday and after some hours came the confirmation that it was accepted.

Some ASICs (Image NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Joy Ng)

NASA has developed a series of microchips designed to be used on space probes. That’s the family of ASICs, consisting of chips designed to be small and at the same time resistant to the radiation present in the space and in particular in certain regions. They were used in the Juno space probe that on July 4 entered the orbit of Jupiter, a planet with a very powerful electromagnetic field.

Part of Sundai TaihuLight (Photo courtesy Jack Dongarra. All rights reserved)

After three years, the world of supercomputers has a new king: the Top500 ranking crowned Sundai TaihuLight, Chinese as its predecessor Tianhe-2 and the first to use national processors while the previous Chinese supercomputers were still using American processors, especially Intel ones. The computing power of Sundai TaihuLight is 93 PFlop/s, nearly three times that of Tianhe-2.

IBM Quantum Computing Scientist Jay Gambetta uses a tablet to interact with the IBM Quantum Experience (Photo Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

IBM has announced it will offer the opportunity to use the services of its quantum computer to the public. This will be done through the IBM Quantum Experience, a quantum platform provided by IBM cloud on regular desktop computers but also on mobile devices.

To test the IBM Quantum Experience, the company built a system based on a quantum processor with five qubits. This number doesn’t exactly give the impression of a very powerful system but at least on paper quantum computers can solve problems much faster than traditional systems. Actually it’s still difficult to make comparisons.