October 10, 2017

The Exiles trilogy by Ben Bova

The novel “End of Exile” by Ben Bova was published for the first time in 1972. It’s the third book in the Exiles trilogy and follows “Flight of Exiles”.

When Peta causes a damage that greatly reduces food production, a severe punishment is inevitable. His friend Linc tries to intercede for him but can’t save him because the message from Jerlet through his priestess Magda shows no change in the laws governing the community’s hard life. Linc would like to try to restore food production but it’s using the machines is forbidden so it’s impossible to repair anything that is broken.

In spite of that law, Linc finds out how to run one of the repairing equipments but this gets him in trouble with Monel, who wants to take power in the community. The only hope for Linc is to look for Jerlet to gain his support and to ask him what’s the star that’s getting bigger and bigger.