December 6, 2018

Dark Light by Ken MacLeod (Italian edition)

The novel “Dark Light” by Ken MacLeod was published for the first time in 2002. It’s the second book in the Engines of Light Trilogy and follows “Cosmonaut Keep”.

When the spaceship Bright Star arrives on the planet Croatan, the consequences are immediate. The fact that it was piloted by human beings and not by kraken is for many inhabitants a blasphemy against the gods. The authorities seize the Bright Star and for Matt Cairns, his descendant Gregor, Lydia de Tenebre and Salasso, there’s also the problem of understanding local laws and customs.

The planet Croatan is part of the Second Sphere, a group of star systems inhabited by various sentient species. That’s the will of the gods and the idea that Matt Cairns and his fellow travelers go against it is a big problem for them but they want to speak directly to one of the gods to obtain clear answers.