Jim Morrison mug shot

Jim Morrison received a posthumous pardon concerning a charge for indecent exposure dating from 1969. The initiative started from Florida Governor Charlie Crist in 2007, later it was officially submitted to the state Board of Executive Clemency and yesterday it was voted in favor.

Today Kanzi turns 30. Kanzi isn’t a human being according to the definition accepted by most people who belong to the species homo sapiens, in fact he is a bonobo, an ape scientifically called pan paniscus. The bonobo is very similar to the chimpanzee so it’s one of homo sapiens’ cousins.

Benoit Mandelbrot in 2007

The great mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot died at the age of almost 86. He died in a hospice in Cambridge, Massachusetts from a pancreatic cancer.

There’s an everlasting link between the name of Benoît Mandelbrot and the fractals, the mathematical structures he named in 1975. During the following years other mathematicians developed the concept of fractals but among the Julia sets, so called because they are based on the work of Gaston Julia, Mandelbrot developed one in particular which is known as Mandelbrot set.

Tony Curtis

The great actor Tony Curtis died tonight. Born on July 3, 1925 as Bernard Schwartz, son of Jewish Hungarian immigrants, Curtis served in the U.S.A. Navy during World War II and after his discharge he studied acting at New York.