Detective stories

"The Avengers" boxset containing season 2 and the surviving episodes of season 1

Kaleidoscope, a Birmingham-based British non-profit organization specialized in the research and conservation of old television programs, announced that it discovered and acquired a copy of the episode “Tunnel of Fear” of the first season of the TV show “The Avengers”. It’s an extraordinary event because so far of the first season only the first episode’s first act and two complete episodes were available.

Video Kill by Joanne Fluke

The novel “Video Kill” by Joanne Fluke was published for the first time in 1989.

Erik Nielsen and Tony Rocca are trying to sell the script they wrote for a possible movie called “Video Kill”. It’s a horror / slasher movie in which a psychopath is filming the murders he commits and his victims are actresses. A producer is interested but the production studio’s owner doesn’t want to buy the rights and the deal remains in a limbo when the producer acquires an option on the script.

Months pass and it seems that the option will expire without the movie getting produced when an actress is killed in a way that reproduces the famous shower scene from “Psycho”. The killer’s style is similar to the screenplay for “Video Kill” and for the two authors that’s advertising, though of an unwanted type. Fiction and reality start crossing path in a disturbing way.

Murray Leinster

William Fitzgerald Jenkins, that was his real name, was born on June 16, 1896 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He signed various detective stories and westerns with the pseudonym Will F. Jenkins and even two romance novels under the pseudonym Louisa Carter Lee occasionally using other pseudonyms. However, gradually he specialized in fantasy, horror and especially science fiction stories, which generally signed as Murray Leinster. Murray Leinster died on June 8, 1975. He was one of the most important pioneers of science fiction since he began writing stories of that genre even before the name was invented. He was among the few who managed to keep on being successful when science fiction passed its pulp magazines phase and had an important influence on many writers of the following generations.

Leigh Brackett in 1941

Leigh Douglas Brackett was born on December 7, 1915 in Los Angeles, California. She was appreciated as a writer and a screenwriter for cinema and television. Her most famous literary works are the ones set on Mars and her Eric John Stark series. She wrote or co-wrote the scripts for movies such as “The Big Sleep”, “Rio Bravo”, “Hatari!”, “The Long Goodbye” and “The Empire Strikes Back”. Leigh Brackett died of cancer on March 18, 1978.

News arrived of the death of actor Christopher Lee. According to sources close to his family, he passed away on the morning of last Sunday at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. The actor was hospitalized there more than three weeks ago due to respiratory and cardiac problems.