Detective stories

News arrived of the death of actor Christopher Lee. According to sources close to his family, he passed away on the morning of last Sunday at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. The actor was hospitalized there more than three weeks ago due to respiratory and cardiac problems.

Robert Downey, Jr. at the 2014 Comic Con

Robert John Downey, Jr. was born April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York, USA. He had roles in many successful movies and occasionally in TV shows. For many years he had drug problems. In the last decade he cleaned up and is have great success especially playing Tony Stark / Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

The Book of Souls by James Oswald (Italian edition)

The novel “The Book of Souls” by James Oswald was published for the first time in 2013. It’s the second novel in the Tony McLean series and is the sequel to “Natural Causes”.

Inspector Tony McLean has never totally recovered from the murder of his fiancee. When her murderer Donald Anderson is killed in prison, McLean feels very few emotions even if he goes to see his burial to make sure he’s really dead.

Years have passed since the murder but suddenly in Edinburgh someone finds the body of a woman killed following the same modus operandi of Anderson. How is that possible? For McLean that’s an old wound that gets reopened and the worst thing is that someone insinuates that Anderson wasn’t the murderer. McLean and his colleagues have to find the perpetrator but what does an old book have to do with the crimes?

Wilson Tucker in 1988

Arthur Wilson “Bob” Tucker was born on November 23, 1914 in Deer Creek, Illinois, USA. Generally he used the name Wilson Tucker for the novels and short fiction published in books and professional magazines but in fanzines he generally used the name Bob Tucker. Occasionally he used other pseudonyms. During his long career he wrote mostly science fiction but also detective, mystery and spy stories. He was also very active in science fiction fandom and conventions.

Destroying Angel by Richard Paul Russo (Italian edition)

The novel “Destroying Angel” by Richard Paul Russo was published for the first time in 1992. It’s the first in the Frank Carlucci series.

Louis Tanner left have the police for some time and one of the cases in which he was involved that remained unsolved concerns a serial killer who threw the bodies of his victims in the San Francisco bay with angel wings tattooed on their skin. The murders stopped for unknown reasons for a few years but suddenly restart.

Tanner can’t pretend nothing’s happening and reconnects with Frank Carlucci, a former colleague still in the police. At the time of the first investigation, Tanner was contacted by a criminal who claimed to have information useful to find the serial killer and he was listed as the person to meet to communicate such information. After the the murders restarted, that old trace may be the only one useful to solve the case.