Project SkyBender to provide Internet access over a 5G wireless network through drones was suppsed to be a secret but various information on the tests conducted by Google – but perhaps it would be more correct to call it Alphabet – leaked. According to the news now become public knowledge, the Google team is working in New Mexico to a technology that uses millimeter wavelengths to deliver speeds up to 40 times faster than 4G/LTE mobile networks.

Big dog robots during a test (Source U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. M. L. Meier)

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company purchased almost exactly two years ago by Google, published a really special video of Christmas greetings. In the company’s interpretation, a woman Santa Claus is the less weird element because she’s driving a sleigh pulled by robot reindeer. This is obviously one of the Boston Dynamics models, specifically the BigDog.

Google published a series of results obtained with the D-Wave 2X quantum computer, a system purchased to use it together with NASA. The fuss came from the fact that tests showed performance a hundred million times greater than those of a traditional processor. The problem is that these results are achieved only for specific operations ending up adding new controversy around these systems.

Example that shows how the Google app understands complex questions (Image courtesy Google. All rights reserved)

Google has released a new search mobile application, already known as Google Search, in the version for Android and iOS. Now it offers the ability to answer complex questions, claiming to have made a significant step forward compared to previous capacity to interpre users’ requests. Now the app really understands the meaning of what the user is asking (for now only in English).