Last November news came about Novell being sold. Now the U.S.A. and German antitrust authorities have published their decision to change the terms of the acquisition of Novell’s patents by Microsoft and its partners in CPTN Holdings LLC.

UnXis, Inc. completed the acquisition of SCO’s Unix assets but it claims it got Unix and Unixware trademarks while at the end of the various lawsuits in the last years it was established that Novell own those trademarks while SCO had a license.

Debian logo

After about two years the Debian project has released version 6.0, code-named Squeeze,ot its famous distribution. In addition to the classic Debian GNU/Linux there’s the official release of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, the Debian distribution based on the FreeBSD kernel though not all the advanced features for the desktop are supported.

Wikipedia, the collaborative multilingual encyclopedia, was born on January 15, 2001. The term wiki means quick in Hawaiian and in informatics it was adopted to describe a technology for creating collaborative websites. The term wiki was joined to encyclopedia to form Wikipedia so the term means fast culture.