Bethesda Softworks, a publisher specializing in videogames owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. which also owns videogame producer id Software, announced that Doom 3 will be published this fall in the BFG Edition, a new commemorative edition of the entire legendary saga of Doom. This edition will in fact contain Doom, Doom ][, and Doom 3 and the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack with new 7 levels titled “The Lost Mission”.

Wolfenstein 3D screenshot showing food, treasures and dead Nazis

May 5, 1992 marked the release of the videogame for MS-DOS “Wolfenstein 3D”, a milestone in the field of videogames created by id Software and published by Apogee Software. “Wolfenstein 3D” is a FPS, meaning that it’s played from a first-person perspective so the experience of the action takes place through the eyes of the protagonist.

Space Race Blast Off

NASA has announced the immediate availability of the game Space Race Blast Off on Facebook. This game contains questions on various scientific and technological topics but also about NASA’s history and pop culture. Players can choose from 14 predefined avatars which include an alien, an android and a robot. The game is generally multiplayer so if there are other players two of them are selected to play with you, otherwise you can play alone.