Google turns 12

12 years ago Google was born from an idea developed since 1996 by Sergey Brin and Lawrence (Larry) Page at Stanford University. It was the time of great development for the web with the birth of various search engines: in the results the ranking was generally given by counting how many times the words appeared in the pages but Brin and Page developed their search project using a mathematical algorythm that analyzed the relationship between the web pages creating the famous Google PageRank.

In 1998 Brin and Page reached the end of their search project and founded Google. In mathematics a googol is the number 10^100, meaning number one followed by a hundred zeros.

The next year Brin and Page offered Google to Excite, which at the time was one of their opponents, for a million dollars but the deal didn’t succed. After that Brin and Page managed to find fundings for much more money and the company moved to Palo Alto in a complex known as Googleplex, another mathematical play on words as it’s referred to the term googolplex, which indicates the number one followed by a googol of zeros. As they say the rest is history.

In little time Google became the point of reference among search engines and to keep clean their home page that had already become one of their symbols but also to keep on offering the same quality of service the company started offering sponsored links. In time Google adverts became another business with the offer of adverts that webmasters could put in their own sites but in its extraordinary growth Google expanded its activities in many other ways with services such as Gmail, Google Books, Blogger and the Google Project Hosting but also offering software such as the various Google Apps, Picasa and more recently the Chrome browser. Google is also the leader in the development of the Android operating system and it’s developing Chrome OS.

Today Google is a huge company spread all over the world but many people are worried beccause it’s almost a monopolist among search engines and through its users searches but also through services such as Google Analytics it can trace people activities. On the other hand there are other people who claim that Google era is already ending and Facebook era has started. Maybe tomorrow someone will create another company that will offer a new kind of service that in a few years will become become the point of reference on the Internet: the technological evolution is so fast that things can change at an incredible speed!

Obviously the fact that a monopoly can last just a few years isn’t a reason to let it free to do what it wants but a user who keeps his brain on on the Internet always has freedom of choice and he can exercise it weighing pros and cons while the so called lusers will always follow the trendy products / services either they’re material or virtual.

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