The Los Angeles Lakers crush the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-57

Last year the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers was one of the most important of the regular season and a series between the two teams was considered one of the most likely in the NBA Finals. Last night the game between the Lakers and the Cavs ended with the very clear score of 112 to 57 in favor of the Californian team. The partial quarters scores were just as clear: 27 to 12, 30 to 13, 35 to 16 with only a fourth quarter of total garbage time that had a purely statistical interest which ended with a 20 to 16 score.

In the Lakers history no opponent had ever scored so little points. The margin of victory is the third in the franchise history. For the Cavaliers the 57 points are the lowest ever scored in the franchise history.

It’s impossible to comment on a game like that from a technical point of view: the Cavaliers’ season is really negative and they also had injuries that made things worse. Last night Varejao’s energy would have been useful but he was out for an injury to a tendon that will keep him out for the rest of the season. Besides him Daniel Gibson and Anthony Parker were out because of injuries.

The Lakers had a period of crisis and Matt Barnes is out for about two months because of a knee injury but last night every player entered the court including young rookies Ebanks and Caracter and newcomer Joe Smith. This isn’t the game that can tell if the Lakers are back to the level of last June but certainly an easy win that allows a little rest for the starters is useful for body and morale.

LeBron James commented the result on Twitter stating that “Karma is a bitch!”. Dan Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, last summer had sharply criticized LBJ for his “betrayal” and had stated that the Cavs would win an NBA title before the Miami Heat. It’s unlikely that his prediction will come true, certainly for now LeBron James has a laugh.

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