Larry Page to become the new Google CEO

Larry Page, one of Google co-founders, will become the company’s CEO, officially from next April.

The current CEO Eric Schmidt was brought in almost ten years ago under pressure from one of the largest Google’s investors because at the time Larry Page and the other founder Sergey Brin were very young and in anticipation of the IPO having an experienced manager at the helm would give an image of greater reliability.

Over the years there have been differences of opinion between Schmidt and the two Google founders, for example about the position to be taken concerning China. According to someone Schmidt is also responsible for some of the Google problems with various anti-trust authorities in the world.

Anyway you can’t say that Schmidt hasn’t done his job well as Google has become one of the largest companies in the technology field so why change the CEO?

Google has grown enormously over the past decade yet there are those who think its era is already declining and that we are entering or maybe we have already entered the Facebook era.

Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is only 26 years old and his dynamism in running his social network is attracting engineers who started thinking that Google’s growth is now only quantitative and not qualitative anymore and today Facebook is the right place to develop new ideas.

After all, Eric Schmidt is 55, perhaps he’s too old to fully understand the turmoil existing in the field of social media. Page and Brin are much younger however in the last decade they learned how to run a company, hence the impression that this move is intended to bring Google back to the dynamism of a few years ago.

Schmidt will continue to work for Google as executive chairman to be an advisor to Larry Page and a liaison with business partners and government contacts for all legal matters, such as those concerning the anti-trust.

Will Page and Brin be able to turn a well-established company back to being as dynamic as a start-up? They better do it because in informatics evolution is incredibly fast and even companies that one day are leaders in a field the next day can be overcome by a young and dynamic competitor.

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  1. Larry Page is again head of Google and Eric Schmidt joins the Supervisory Board of google. It is rare that company founder, after they got out aboard again. However, rarely were founders as young as Page and have had time to grow. In the case of Larry Page is certainly not a disadvantage. I think it’s nice that that happened, and thus take care of billionaire for the welfare of a company and not simply spend their money.


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